Bathtub to Shower Conversions For Easier Access

Tub or Walk-in Shower Installation & Replacement in Fresno, CA

Senior citizens and handicapped folks sometimes have problems stepping into a conventional bathtub. We can now help these people by cutting out the outer wall of a porcelain or fiberglass bathtub, then installing a permanent step-over in its place. The result is an attractive, waterproof bathtub whose top rail is 7″ lower than before. This is done in one day, at a fraction of the price of replacing the entire bathtub.

The Bathtub Medic Fresno offers a variety of construction services for your bathroom, including a bathtub to shower conversion, tub / shower installation and / or replacement in Fresno, CA. When remodeling your bathroom there are many different decisions to be made. From tile and décor to new faucets and tubs, your decisions should be made on style, as well as function. Many homeowners who no longer have small children at home will choose a bathtub to shower conversion, which is one way to upgrade your bathroom.

Converting Your Bathtub to a Shower

Converting your bathtub to a shower is a common decision made during reconstruction of a bathroom, however most homeowners will only choose to do this when another bathtub is present in the home, to avoid any complications in the further sale of a home. When you’re ready to convert your tub, The Bathtub Medic Fresno is here to help!

Why Replace Your Bathtub with a Safeway Step

So, you can convert your bathtub to a shower, but what if you still like the tub and need a safer way to enter? The Bathtub Medic Fresno can also replace your bathtub with a Safeway Step, instead of a shower alone. A Safeway Step is exactly what it sounds like, a safer way to step into the tub / shower. Our professionals will cut out the wall of your fiberglass or porcelain-on-steel and install the Safeway Step in its place. This is typically a one-day process and will make entering and existing the tub much safer for anyone that needs the extra assistance.

If your bathtub is no longer being used and you’re looking for a way to upgrade your bathroom or make it safer, call The Bathtub Medic Fresno today for bathtub to shower conversion in Fresno or Safeway Step installation.



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I experienced what I thought was a disaster with my 100+year old claw foot tub. A severe chemical reaction from very strong drain cleaner, releasing toxic gas fumes in my flat, resulted in the enamel bottom of the tub being eaten away… in spots, to the bare cast iron!  The management company running my building sent The Bath Tub Medic to do whatever repairs that could be done to such an old fixture. I honestly felt it a lost cause and was already mourning the loss of such a fabulous tub. Wayne Watkins, owner of The Tub Medic spent the entire day, not leaving till almost eight thirty at night,doing what can only be described, as a miracle! My tub now looks better than when my Husband and I moved in almost thirty years ago; truthfully, pretty much back to mint condition!! I am in awe of his workmanship and the loving care he obviously has for his profession, giving this tub another 100 years of showing off its true beauty! I can think of no higher compliment to give him and his Company, than to call him a true “Michelangelo” of his trade…

Drew H.