Tub and Shower Surround Repair Videos

Bathtub Before & After Photos

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Bathtub Repair Videos

Complete Bathtub Refinishing

Our expert re-finishers Victor and Paul walk you through a complete bathtub refinishing job, giving a bathtub a fresh new coating that is guaranteed to last the customer many years.

Fiberglass Crack Repair

Repair is made to a fiberglass bathtub with a stress-induced crack, courtesy of The Bathtub Medic.

Fiberglass Tub Hole Repair

Documentation of business owner, Wayne Watkins, showing The Bathtub Medic’s approach to resolving damage to fiberglass bathtubs.

Fiberglass Top Rail Repair

The top rail along the bathtub can suffer major damage over time simply from routine wear-and-tear. The Bathtub Medic can repair any structural damage to the top rail

Cleaning Surface of the Bathtub

Here we show the process of removing the caulking and cleaning the surface on the bathtub to give it a brand new look.

Fixing the Gaping Hole in a Shower Head

We fix the gaping hole in a fiberglass bathtub shower head with this step-by-step process.